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When you think of experiments, you probably think of simple chemicals.
However, this is very different to trying create new medicines.
This was completely different. This was human experimentation.
The kind where children were locked up in cells lining the many halls of the facility, many of the young kids in there would play a game where they guessed how many cells were in the place. They could only count to nine but everyone knew there was more than that.

I am Kazzie. I have been cooped up in here as long as I can remember, I know there was a before, but I have not been able to recall it. I know there was a before because I remember his eyes. Those cold ice blue eyes that seemed so lost yet filled with purpose. Other than that, I do not know much about what happened. But I plan to know and I will not stop until I do. All I know is being stuck in this place is not going to help me get any closer to the truth.

I see them coming. The guys in their black coats and weird masks, we called them black birds. They unlock my cell door and I internally shiver, I know what is going to happen, there were three of them this time. This was not a medical check up. They were going to do it again. They were going to inject that stuff in me.

"Hello Kazzie." Said one of the black birds, but I knew this one’s voice.. It was the boss, Crow. His actual name was Dr Mc Arc but no one really cared about that title. It didn’t suit him. Crow was much better. He killed us if we did not do what he wanted. He was the death bringer. Everyone feared him. Even me.

"..Oui- Yes?" I quickly corrected myself, remembering the whip lashes on my back for dare speaking my mother tongue. It was only English or no speaking at all, a lot of us did not speak because of that. But I knew English, which means I knew English insults, I so wished I could have used them.

Crow leaned over me and I could just picture that smirk behind his mask, cruel and unforgiving. "It is injection time little one. I really hope you will not give us trouble again. I would hate to injure an experiment who has coped so well with the serum" he cooed, seemingly excited.

I held my hands up for the other two black birds to drag me out. And as they dragged me towards the experiment room I saw all the kids watch me go. I saw it written all over their faces, the pity, the sadness and the hope gone. They all knew when one of us went in, there was a chance none of us came out.

At this moment I was kind of happy, maybe finally the horrors would end. But this is just where the whole story begins..

Over the time they had been experimenting on me I had already gained a lot of changes. I had adapted an intense sense of smell, hearing and eye sight. But what they wanted was a perfectly normal looking human being. I however had managed to adapt ears and a tail similar to the DNA of the animal they were injecting me with, a lion.

I knew they were going to try and correct that. But I also had a feeling that it would all go wrong as soon as they strapped me down to the chair and began looking for big needles. In those days they were not as thin and painless as they are now so you can imagine my little child brain going insane, but I had to be calm.

Finally it came. They injected me and I felt a little numb and woozy, my insides felt like they were crushing against each other, and a warm feeling embraced me. I was dead. And in that moment of death, it was probably the most peaceful moment of my life.

But then I woke up and I could feel everything was wrong. I could not control the rage that pulsed through me. I remember seeing these black birds coming at me but they did not last long. Soon it was a bloody mess. A mess I had created. I was in a state of complete insanity. I felt no emotion besides the drive to kill and escape. And all I can tell you is that I did both. I escaped and I left a trail of death behind me.

When I got on the outside, it was raining and I felt the cold drops on my body and it felt heavenly, but once again. The feeling of bliss did not last long. I looked down at a puddle and saw a reflection. A reflection of a lion, an animal filled with rage and an insane instinct to kill. Little did I know that my appearance would not be the worst that would happen to me.

I walked for days and days on end in the middle of a desert. Eventually I had come to the conclusion that I would not make it too far as my body was already beginning to shake and the horizon seemed to fade.. and then.. so did the world as my body hit soft hot sand.
Here is chapter 1 of my series <3 hurr~ I am going to get a drawing of Kazzie and his lion form up soon my lovlies~


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